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Article: What Are The Benefits Of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

What Are The Benefits Of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?


There is no substitute for natural skincare! That is why, organic extra virgin coconut oil is used as the base for several beauty products like body scrubs, bath bombs, face masks, lip balms, moisturisers, and much more.

What Are The Benefits Of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

What is extra virgin coconut oil?

Virgin coconut oil differs from regular coconut oil in the method of extraction. The former is taken from the milk of coconut, and doesn’t undergo any refining process like the latter – it is left unrefined. I

t contains more antioxidants than its regular counterpart, doesn’t undergo bleaching, and isn’t exposed to any chemicals.

When you see the label “extra virgin coconut oil”, it means the oil is derived from the first pressing of fresh, raw coconut. It is of the best quality, 100% natural and doesn’t contain any toxins and chemicals.

Is coconut oil good for acne prone skin?

Although those with acne prone skin shouldn’t use coconut oil to treat acne as it could lead to build-up or blocked pores, it doesn’t mean they should completely swear off of it. The oil can be used sparingly as a moisturiser or cleanser. It improves hydration for skin, which is good for combating acne.

Is coconut oil good for black skin?

Yes, coconut oil is used for skin whitening purposes. It boosts overall skin tone and lightens texture. Keep in mind that similar to many natural oils, the effect of using coconut oil is not immediate.

Is coconut oil good for dry skin?

This oil is highly nourishing and contains loads of nutrients that offer proper moisture to dry skin. When applied on skin right after shower or bath, it creates a barrier and prevents further water loss, so the skin stays hydrated for long.

Organic extra virgin coconut oil has numerous benefits, which is why it is used extensively in Bella Forever bath bombs and bath dust. We use only the best quality of unrefined coconut oil sans any chemicals, so it doesn’t have any unwanted side effects.

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