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Cleaning balm

A love it make my skin soft afterwards and hydrated which is a bonus

Cleansing balm

This cleansing balm is amazing the texture is like silk on your skin, I also used it to remove make up and it’s amazing it doesn’t sting or get in your eyes highly recommend

Beginners skin care

Bought for my daughter and her skin is so much better after using it

Desert Healer Serum
Louise Wright
Love this brand!

I have been using this skincare brand for about a year or more now & absolutely love it! It has helped my skin so much, I’ve struggled all my life with greasy skin & spots but since using this brand my skin is clear, soft & hydrated, without being shiny or greasy. My 16 yr old daughter has also started using it & it helps tackle breakouts for her, along with leaving it soft & hydrated. Highly recommend for any skin type. Seller is always super helpful & very responsive with any questions/queries.

Lip Balm
Jessica of JB Box Lounge
Calling all psoriasis suffers

This brand is amazing and believe me as a eczema child and now a psoriasis warrior woman my skin has been through everything including light treatment, 3 different dermatologist, steroids, coal tar, pure aloe Vera to name a few bit unfortunately my skin flares!
Until now this brand is magic!

Desert Healer Serum
Jessica of JB Box Lounge
Best service ever!

Delivery is prompt & always early.
Wrapped with recyclable products, an absolute amazing company.

Rosehip Oil
Jacqui Vickery
Love it

Jessica who does my facials recommend this I absolutely love it !

Limited Edition Mini Set
Intissar Hussein
Intisar Hussein

It is a good mini set specially the oil

Mini face and body butter

A love it my skin is dry and this helps it I have sensitive skin so it hard to try and find a good one that is okay for my skin but this is the best al be ordering more stuff

Great cream

I bought this to use on the eczema on my arms/hands, it moisturised very well without being greasy and cleared my eczema after a week of continuous use, will purchase again when needed.

Mmmm coffee

Love this little jar. The coffee scent wakes me up and the product leaves my skin super soft and glowing. If you haven’t tried this yet……do it!!!

Best body cream ever!

Absolutely love this product! It's just soooo nourishing! Dry skin dissappears following 1 use. Amazing hand cream too. Smells divine. Definitely will be gifting this to my friends. Annabella is also lovely 😍

The best cleanser EVER

As a Facialist I use this cleanser on all skin types & phases, it works for everyone! Beautiful natural scent & texture. Easy to use!

Glow in the Dark Serum
maria cristina moscetta
Glow in the dark serum saved my skin :)

I am so pleased that I have found Bella forever, I always had skin problems and since using this brand my skin have literally start to glow and finally after spending tons of money on different products I can finally say that this is definitely the best brand in the market.

Thanks Bella forever :)

Mini Bath Bombs
Gali Yorg
Happy bombs

A great mini treat.The favourite mini bath bomb for end of the day its a great motivator for my son. The smell is amazing and the fact that I can choose the colour and the sense makes me extra special! Also will be great for goodie bags for mini parties:)I love all your products and love watching you make them :) keep the good work! Thank you!!!

Mini Booty Mask
Simply the best

I have ordered a few times now, and I have to say that all products that I have tried are amazing 🤩 ! The masks leaves you a soft and refreshed skin and my fave lip scrub is the lemon kiss it moisture and give a nice blush to your lips. Thanks Bella forever 🤍


Lovely serum, always leaves my skin feeling smooth, had no major breakouts since using it. Would definitely recommend it

Loved the love potion bath bomb

This is so nice I love all the bath bombs as I can never find ones kind to my sensitive skin.
This one is lovely hopefully it will stay as I’ve gifted a few of my bath bombs and not everyone was keen on the bits in the bath but this is one doesn’t have any. I will definitely buy it again.

So good I subscribed

Absolutely love this product. I purchased the mini, then the full size and now I've subscribed so I get a monthly delivery which is very unlike me! Smells amazing, feels amazing, non-greasy and I now get compliments all the time about how soft my skin is!

Face & Body Butter Cream
Jessica of JB Box Lounge
Psoriasis warriors read this

I have Crohn’s disease and when I flare I have the most painful, dry and redness all over my body.
I’ve had light treatments by a dermatologist, endless medication from my GP and none of it works! BUT this is out of this world, I couldn’t believe it! I read so many reviews claiming miracles and none of it works but this this should be called miracle light as a cloud creme! I wish I could give it more stars ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Lip Balm
Jessica of JB Box Lounge
Simply the best

I know this is for your lips and is beautiful leaving your lips soft all day without reapplying.
I have psoriasis and my eye lids have been really painful & dry. I carefully applied a small amount and honestly within a few hours the redness calmed down the dryness is gone and I’m pain free !! Amazing 🤩

Great mask

Great mask that smells gorgeous and leaves skin looking radiant

Bath Bombs Gift Set
Renee Burgess
SO gorgeous ❤️

I bought this as an additional little Christmas present for my mother in law after purchasing some individual bath bombs for myself. This bundle is absolutely lovely I almost wanted to keep it for myself! The packaging is eco friendly and the little pink bow is so sweet. Great idea for a present for any occasion!

Desert Healer Serum
Sarah Morgan
Desert healer serum

This is a absolute essential my skin is fab

I love all products and the service is 5*

Just an amazing brand and products for everyone, the service is 5* just amazing try anything by this brand and thank me later. I’ve tried everything myself and my clients love the cleanser and clay masks.