Bath Bombs for Sensitive Skin

Bath bombs are fun, aren’t they? Pop one into your bath and it oozes pretty colours, lots of foam, and lovely fragrances.

Unfortunately, those with sensitive skin are often allergic to colorants, perfume, fragrances, glitters, and other substances used in bath bombs.

But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the incredible experience! So what is the alternative? Simple – skin friendly bath bombs for delicate skin!

100% Safe & Skin friendly

Our bath bombs are formulated with only vegan, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients. No artificial fragrances or SLSA is used here, so you can safely soak in the tub without worrying about allergic reactions later on.

Keeping it Simple

Like other Bella Forever products, these bath bombs are made using just 5 ingredients. No extra ingredient or filler is added – each component serves a specific purpose.

If you are allergic to allergens like linalool or limonene, opt for Coffee Fizz Bath Bomb.

No Colorants

If you are wondering how the orange and mint bombs are coloured, rest assured, it is due to the natural clays used! We use yellow and green clay; hence they look bright and colourful.

Pleasant Aroma

The bath bombs smell heavenly – once you pop them into the water, they release a soothing fragrance, which is due to the essential oils used.

If you are allergic to essential oils, not a problem; as you can try the coffee fizz bath bomb instead (formulated without essential oil)!

Soothing Feel

No more itchy or red skin after a bath! Now you can soak comfortably and say goodbye to all the stress and tension!

These bath bombs impart a calming feel that soothes frayed nerves and helps to rejuvenate.

Soft & Supple Skin

These bath bombs for sensitive skin are extremely gentle on the skin and cleanses with care.  You get smooth and soft skin in a totally natural manner.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through bath bombs for sensitive skin right away.


Are bath bombs good for sensitive skin?

Some bath bombs might have ingredients that could irritate sensitive skin, causing redness, itching or rash. Also, they could affect a woman’s vaginal pH balance.

The resulting changes in normal bacteria levels can cause irritation or infections. The most common ingredients that might cause these effects are fragrances, dyes, talc, glitters...

Our Bath Bombs are sin friendly and made with only 5 ingredients, free from all these nasties. Ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Can you be allergic to bath bombs?

When used as directed, bath bombs are generally safe.  You might be sensitive to natural allergens that occur in essential oils like limonene or linalool.

In this case, opt for the coffee fizz bath bomb that does not have any. We don't use fragrances or dyes, only natural oils.

Are bath bombs bad for eczema?

Conditions like eczema, dermatitis and rosacea can mean that skin is easily irritated.  Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s impossible to guarantee that a particular product won’t cause irritation.

Fragrances, Dyes and other additives such as glitters can cause irritation to those with eczema. Our bath bombs are safe for eczema, dermatitis and rosacea as don't contain any fragrance or dye.

The essential oils are used in low concentration. The colour of the orange and mint ones come from the natural clays used.

Is it OK to use a bath bomb on your period?

Chemicals and dyes can cause vaginal irritation and may affect your pH balance, which can already be quite sensitive when you're menstruating.

BUT our bath bombs are free from fragrances and dyes so you'll be fine.

Should you rinse after a bath bomb?

You do not have to rinse off after using our bath bombs as there are not glitters or colorants. The coconut oil will soften your skin and you won't need to use a moisturiser.