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Article: Rosacea and Couperose Cream – Will it Help?

Rosacea and Couperose Cream – Will it Help?


You have to be very careful when it comes to sensitive skin. Products have to be chosen carefully, so it doesn’t cause adverse reactions. And if you have skin conditions like rosacea or couperose, then extreme caution is a must, such as while buying a face cream.

Rosacea Face Cream

What is rosacea?

Rosacea generally occurs on the face. It manifests in the form of redness and small bumps that look like acne. The very first sign might be in the form of a blush or sunburn across nose, cheeks, forehead, or chin.

Other symptoms are red or pus-filled bumps and small blood vessels. Rosacea could also affect your eyes, causing them to become red or watery. It may irritate and inflame your eyelids and the white part of your eye.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of rosacea isn’t known. Possible causes could be defects in the immune, nervous, or vascular systems. Those who are fair-skinned are more likely to have it.

Women get rosacea more on the cheeks and chin, while men are more likely to have rhinophyma (thickening, swelling and reddening of nose).

Couperose Face Cream

What is couperose?

It isn’t unusual to get a flushed face from time to time, but if there are red patches that don’t go away, chances are you have the chronic skin condition called couperose.

It appears as small, bright red dilated capillaries on the skin, mostly on the cheeks and nose. It looks similar to rosacea, but the conditions are different. The skin becomes red, dry, and tight, but this problem isn’t an inflammatory skin condition like rosacea.

It happens when blood vessels weaken, and genetics plays a vital role as well. Blood vessels dilate while exercising, drinking alcohol, getting exposed to extreme weather etc. The rush of blood to the face makes the skin flush. While healthy capillaries expand and contract to make room for the increase in blood, those with poor elasticity remain dilated, eventually causing couperose. Fair, dry skin types are more vulnerable to it.

How can these skin conditions be treated?

The best way to deal with these skin issues when searching for a face moisturiser is to use a product that contain minimal ingredients – only those that are absolutely required, and no fillers.

At Bella Forever, we always use just 5 ingredients in our products, so you know exactly what goes into your skin. So if you are looking for a couperose and rosacea cream, your best choice is Rose Martini Cream. It would be perfectly balanced with a bit of Rosehip Oil.

Rose Martini Face Cream

Rose Martini is a natural organic rosacea cream that helps to soften excessively dry skin, and prevents it from becoming flaky. It keeps skin hydrated and moisturized, thus it stays smooth and supple. It also provides nourishment, imparts radiance, and gives a glowing texture. The skin feels soothed!

Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is packed with loads of nutrients that even out skin tone, remove blotches or patches, stimulate cell renewal, and combat signs of ageing. It also helps to nourish parched skin and reduces inflammation. It has astringent qualities that tighten pores and brighten skin.

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