Skincare Tips for Christmas - How to Get Glowing Skin

Skincare Tips for ChristmasCreate your skincare regime

Take a look into the mirror. Is your face looking dull? Are their dark circles around your eyes? Are your hands looking rough? You need to quickly fix these issues to look your best during Christmas. It’s never too late and you can follow a skincare regime that brings back the glow on your face. 

Start with cleaning and moisturizing

Clean your face with a cleanser when you retire for the day. Winter leaves our skin dry and so you need to moisturise it. Always carry a bottle of moisturiser and apply it whenever your skin feels dry. At night, try our Rose Martini Face Cream to nourish your skin. You can also apply it before going out during the day. To make your skin gorgeous and Christmas-ready, use our Perfecting Serum for extra care and pampering.

Pamper your skin

It’s not only about your face only, you have to take care of your hands and body also. Use a body lotion to keep your body soft and smooth. Many people head to beaches during the Christmas holiday to relax and end the year on a grand note. If you are one of them, you will be wearing a lot of short dresses and bikini too. That means, extra care for your skin. You don’t have to worry about this as with the Deep Cleansing Face Mask you can brighten up your skin in a jiffy. A combination of white clay, green clay, eo tea tree oil, and sage makes it amazing for your skin.

Pout in style

Cracked lips are one of the most common problems we face during winter. You can prevent it by using a lip balm. Keep your lips smooth and luscious so that you can get the perfect pouts for selfies. Peppermintini Lip Balm is made from natural elements like castor oil, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter to hydrate your lips. Available in a handy glass jar, it is easy to carry everywhere you go.

Get buttalicious

The mention of beach holiday reminds us of bikinis and how many women shirk it as their skin looks saggy or has stretch marks.  When it comes to skincare, we think of all parts of the body but leave out the booty. A booty mask is a perfect way to revive the skin of your booty. Get rid of the dead skin cells and dark spots with the booty mask. Get buttalicious this Christmas so that you can flaunt your body in your favourite bikini. Aren’t these tips easy? They are effective too. Start working on your skin from today and by Christmas, you will get the most gorgeous skin.