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Article: Are Vegan Skincare Products Better for Your Skin?

Are Vegan Skincare Products Better for Your Skin?

Are Vegan Skincare Products Better for Your Skin? Did you know that our skin absorbs up to 60% of the products that is applied to it? So what happens when they are synthetic, processed and full of preservatives, chemicals and toxins? It begs the question – are vegan skincare products really better?

What are vegan skincare products?

These are produced without any harm to animals, which make it cruelty-free – this term means that a product or its ingredients have not been tested on animals by a supplier, manufacturer, producer or any third-party entity. Cruelty-free products can be ethically sourced but still contain animal by-products like beeswax, carmine and lanolin, so it is advisable to read the ingredients list. Vegan skincare items don’t contain any animal ingredients, animal-derived components, or animal by-products. Common animal ingredients used in skincare include beeswax, lanolin, carmine, and uric acid from cows.

Are vegan skincare products better for skin?

Works wonders on your skin

Without animal ingredients, vegan products are definitely better for the skin, especially if you have sensitive or condition-prone skin. Animal ingredients can be harsh and clog pores, so vegan products are a soothing alternative. Vegan formulas use plant-derived ingredients as well – it contains more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to repair and hydrate the skin. The skin flourishes when nurtured using natural and vegan ingredients that include vitamins A, C and E, natural oils, such as hazelnut, argan and desert date, algae, soybean extracts, hemp seed extracts, and so on. These ingredients are as, if not more effective, than their synthetic counterparts, since they are closer to their natural state.

Great for overall health

When products are absorbed by the skin, they seep into the blood stream. Over time, the absorption of non-vegan ingredients can potentially cause negative side effects to your healthy. Switching to vegan products ensures that your body isn’t absorbing lots of harsh artificial ingredients on a regular basis.

How can you know a product is vegan?

Keep your eyes open for several telltale ingredients, including aloe, Shea butter, grapeseed extract and green tea. Many essential oils are vegan as well. In case you don’t have time to read the list of ingredients, or feel it is a tedious task, look out for several common vegan seals on products that you wish to purchase. Certain products will be stamped with “cruelty-free” and “vegan”.

A word of caution!

While vegan skincare products are surely better for skin and health, they can potentially cause irritation too. Just because something is vegan, doesn’t automatically mean you can’t be allergic to it. Many plant-derived ingredients, or plants themselves, can cause irritation or a contact allergy. Check to see if the product is “preservative-free”, since these can often aggravate skin. Vegan products can have preservative ingredients that are not animal-derived, so if that's the case, the shelf life can be comparable to non-vegan products. If no chemical preservatives are used, they can expire faster or require storage under specific conditions to extend shelf life. To be on the safe side, talk to a dermatologist before using any skincare product, even if it is vegan!

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