Rose Martini Face Cream


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Rose Martini Face Cream

Dry skin can get extremely flaky and rough, and the problem intensifies if you neglect it, so your overall texture goes for a toss. But this Rose Martini Face Cream can restore your skin’s former glow and make it softer, thanks to Rose Damascena Water used in it. It is best to use the Rose Martini Face Cream once in the morning before stepping out and then again at night prior to retiring. But if you have overly dry skin, you can use it during the day too.

50 ml e 1.6 FL.OZ – Use within 2 months – I make them super fresh!

  • Natural, Organic & Cruelty Free
  • Max 5 Ingredients
  • Every ingredient supports your skin health
  • Reusable and recyclable glass jar
  • Handmade by Annabella

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Ingredients:Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Glucoside, Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexylglycerine, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Herb Oil, Limonene, Linalool

Easy Preparation

We don’t use ingredients that are unnecessary, so this recipe has only 5 ingredients in it, all of which are natural, organic, vegan, and cruelty-free. It is safe for all skin types, even those who have delicate and sensitive skin.

Makes Skin Soft

Don’t fret if your skin has become flaky and dry, because once you starting using this product, the powerful properties of rose water will ensure your skin becomes soft and smooth.

Combats Signs of Ageing

At times, signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines start appearing faster, so you have to start taking good care of your skin immediately. The rose water works like an astringent by helping to tone the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, and prevent signs of ageing from manifesting.

Keeps Skin Hydrated

It is vital to keep your skin moisturised well, especially when the weather turns cold, because that is when the skin starts becoming even drier. This skin cream replenishes moisture content and prevents skin from becoming excessively dry and rough.

Invigorating Aroma

The face cream has a highly refreshing aroma due to the organic rose water used in the preparation. You get a whiff of rose petals the minute you open the jar, and it has a relaxing and soothing effect.

35 reviews for Rose Martini Face Cream

  1. Sue

    A perfect moisturiser for my sensitive/ dry skin…finally found the right cream.

  2. Jaggy

    Love it, a little goes a long way and keeps my sensitive skin well moisturised. Great for calming my skin too

  3. Linda

    Cream feels nice when rubbing in, makes my skin feel fresh, dont need that much so its worth the money. Highly recommend

  4. Kayleen

    The ingredients are all natural and so good for you body mind and soul. It smells delicious and doesnt feel heavy on the skin.

  5. Francy

    I love the texture and the fact that you don’t need much to cover your face and neck. Doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. 
    Will buy again.

  6. Francy

    Doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. 
    Will buy again.

  7. Andy

     I suffered for years with flare ups around my eyes and this is the only product that I have found that I can use.

  8. Andrea

    Good value for money. Will definitely repurchase.

  9. Angela

    Excellent product. 
    Absorbs well in to your skin, so its a good base before you make up. 
    Good value for money as it last well.

  10. Alyssa

    Use it every day. Absorbs well and you do not need too much.

  11. Alison

     It covers well and smells amazing.

  12. Jacqueline

    This was my first time trying this cream and I was pleasantly surprised at how rich and creamy it was.

  13. Brenda w

    Has an amazing scent and leaves your skin perfectly hydrated and protected! Love it!

  14. Inesa

    Feels very light on the skin, it doesn’t look oily even after some time passed (which was quite usual for my face when I was using other moisturisers). 
    Highly Recommend.

  15. isabelle

    Bought it for my girlfriends 40th birthday. They really should change the jar to a non glass jar, it hurts when it gets thrown at you!!!! On the plus side she doesn’t look a day over 39 now

  16. sophie

    I like this day moisturiser, it is soft, smooth, and is not greasy, disappears quickly. You need only a small amount, I use it for day and night as I do not like my skin to feel dry. I do not get conned into believing that any cream is anti ageing, they are not, we get older, our skin tends to get dryer.

  17. serra

    This cream for me helps to combat that dryness. It feels good on application. It was well packaged, quickly delivered and a good price.

  18. amelia

    I bought this for my mother as a mother’s day present, fortunately she didn’t take it the wrong way. After using it for a while she has since informed me it’s a very decent product that has definitely left her feeling prettier and therefore better about herself

  19. gae

    As a women who`s nearing the 60 mark and getting many compliments on my skin condition for my age I would say this cream does what it says…

  20. xenia

    Each time a new ‘miracle’ cream comes out, I try it, but I always come back to this, as this works better than any other at smoothing out my skin. Good value for money too as it’s much cheaper than on the high street.

  21. Martina

    Good value for money, feels very light on the skin, hydrated and protected!

  22. trend

    It feels good on application. It was well packaged, quickly delivered and Good value for money too

  23. alex

    Really impressed, definitely recommend. You’ll definitely see a difference in your skin.

  24. Carol

    it’s a very decent product, I saw differences in my skin tone and pores!

  25. Caroline

    soft and hydrated

  26. Michela Pascale

    Absolutley in love with Bella Forever products ! Every morning (after washing my face) “Rose Martini” face cream, my skin has never looked so good!
    About face masks “Mint Cooler” is my favorite, BUY IT (get all products lol) !

  27. Lucy

    Omg! Only 5 Ingredients! It works magic on my skin! It is so soft all day… smells of lavender!

  28. Katy

    I absolutely love it! It’s rich and smells lovely!

  29. Mary

    I got this cream with the skincare bundle! So glad I tried it.. i use it every morning! It’s all natural – I love that!

  30. Kamilla

    I bought this for my 14 year old daughter. She said it was absolutely amazing and made her skin glow and their makeup look flawless.

  31. Tamara

    I’ve been dying to try this for a while and it truly has been worth the wait. I’ve only been using it for 2 weeks and already can see a huge difference. I’m glowing!

  32. Emily

    2 weeks using my new cream and I am so happy with it. 40th birthday this year and I want to feel and look as good as I can. So pleased with my purchase.

  33. Jolly

    I have been using this cream for a few months now and I won’t be looking anywhere else for my moisturiser in the future! I have dry and sensitive skin, with the first signs of fine lines and this cream works wonders for my dry skin.

  34. Carole

    So glad that I tried this .will continue to do so

  35. Matilda

    Lovely moisturising cream great for my dry ageing skin

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