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Article: How Often Should You Use a Clay Face Mask?

How Often Should You Use a Clay Face Mask?

The major advantage of clay face masks is they work well for pretty much every skin type without any harmful side effects like blotches, irritation, or redness. These masks are super versatile and can be effectively used for treating acne, removing blackheads, restoring natural glow, eradicating signs of ageing, and much more.

It has a plethora of advantages that you can benefit from if you know exactly how many times you should use these clay face masks. Clay masks remove excess oil from your skin while saturating it with the nutrients it needs.

Clay Masks


That is because clay masks are filled with minerals your skin craves. As the mask absorbs on your face, nutrients sink into your skin and make it look soft, smooth and even brighter! But then again, it doesn’t mean you should use these face masks every day.

Hydrating masks can often be used daily, but it is best to restrict that to 3 times a week. Ideally, using a clay mask once or twice a week is the common advice of skin specialists. Moreover, you shouldn’t leave it on for too long or it could have adverse effects.

Clay masks are amazing for the skin as they hydrate, cleanse, brighten, exfoliate, and boost overall skin health as well.

There are different types of clay masks that you can take your pick from, but do you know how to apply correctly? Do you apply all over the face; wait for it to dry to a hardened shell, and then rinse? The answer is a big NO – if you have followed this method, you need to stop immediately.

How Often You Should Use a Face Mask

Never let a face mask dry fully. There are 3 phases of a clay mask:

Damp phase – The skin absorbs beneficial minerals from the outside.

Semi-dry phase – This is when the dry phase begins. It exercises your capillaries and stimulates blood flow as the mask cools and contracts.

Dry phase – This is when the mask draws out moisture from the surface of your skin, causing dehydration and irritation. The skin feels dry and tight, and if you counteract by using extra face cream, you end up smothering freshly cleansed skin.

Remember... So apart from remembering how often you should use a clay face mask, you need to apply and wash off properly too. The next time you use a clay mask; don’t wait for it to reach the flaky state before rinsing.

Try the touch test – when you see that it is drying but the feeling is still sticky, that is the right time to wash off. Thus you get to reap the full benefits of the clay mask, without the risk of your skin becoming excessively dry. 

How many face masks can you apply per week?

The number of times face masks can be applied depends upon your skin type. Those with oily skin can use them up to 3 times in a week, while people with dry skin should stick to using them once of twice. Caution should be exercised if you have sensitive skin that is prone to itchiness, inflammation or redness.

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