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Article: 10 Ingredients to Avoid If You Have Sensitive Skin

10 Ingredients to Avoid If You Have Sensitive Skin

When you have delicate skin, you need to be all the more careful about buying beauty and skincare products. Here is a list of 10 ingredients to avoid if you have sensitive skin, or you could up with unwanted side effects like redness, rashes, itchiness, etc.

10 Ingredients for Sensitive Skin
1 - Some Alcohols Denatured, isopropyl, and SD alcohol tend to break down the skin’s natural protective barrier, and sap your skin’s moisture levels, leading to irritation, itchy, and uncomfortable skin.

2 - Fragrance Synthetic fragrances in scented lotions and creams could react with skin and cause inflammation, while weakening inner layers.

3 - Sulfates Sulfates like ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate contribute towards creating lather in products, but they cause excessive drying and mess with the pH balance of your skin.

4 - Parabens When selecting skin care, body care, and makeup, you have to choose paraben-free options to avoid any underlying damage and adverse reaction to your skin.

5 - Chemical Sunscreen These sunscreens use chemicals like avobenzone, octinoxate, and oxybenzone to reflect UV rays, which wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Switch to a physical or mineral formula!

6 - Dyes Ensure that the product doesn’t have dyes as they can be an extremely irritating ingredient for those with delicate skin.

7 - Retinoid Creams They contain sorbic acid as a preservative that causes redness and dry matches.

8 - Citric Acid This ingredient is used to combat hyperpigmentation problems, but irritation can manifest as a side effect.

9 - Physical Exfoliants Exfoliation is necessary for all skin types, but preventing the skin from becoming inflamed is a top priority. Opt for an exfoliant with fruit enzymes as opposed to a physical scrub.

10 - Benzoyl Peroxide Many people with sensitive skin also experience frequent acne breakouts, leading them to benzoyl peroxide as it is commonly found in acne treatments. It causes over drying of skin, which aggravates several skin problems. Before purchasing any product, check the ingredients thoroughly to ensure it is 100% safe for use!

Are these the only ingredients to steer clear of?

Probably not! If you have sensitive and delicate skin, you might be severely allergic to other ingredients as well, so consult a doctor to determine the results before you go ahead and buy any product. Once you know the ingredients you have to steer clear of, purchasing beauty products becomes more convenient.

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