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Article: Simple Face Mask Recipes are All You Need for Great Skin

Simple Face Mask Recipes are All You Need for Great Skin

Pure Purple ClayClay is crucial for skin

Clay comes with inherent properties that can draw out impurities and toxins from the skin, so your pores get to breathe, breakouts are eliminated over time, you get smooth and soft skin, and radiance is restored. It also aids in soothing inflamed skin, healing rashes, and reducing itchiness and redness, when it comes to sensitive skin. Those with dry skin are benefitted as well, since clay works wonders on dry and flaky skin by replenishing moisture content, so the skin improves in tone and texture.

We keep it simple!

There is a wide range of face masks available, with clay being one the key ingredients, but the other elements are carefully picked as well. We only utilise organic and natural ingredients that directly benefit the skin in some way.

Nothing is included in the recipes just for the sake of adding them or due to superficial functions – for example, we don’t use artificial fragrances or colourants. To put it in a nutshell, any ingredients that are deemed unnecessary is discarded before the face mask is formulated.

We focus on components that are packed with vitamins and minerals so your skin is nourished from deep within, without causing any underlying harm.

We believe in a “less is more” concept, so we use only 5 ingredients or less while creating face mask recipes. Adding pointless ingredients defeats the purpose, so we pick and choose the important ones and mix them in. Get healthy and glowing skin with our face masks from Bella Forever – simplicity is the best approach!

More ingredients don’t mean the product is better!

Don’t be under the misconception that more ingredients indicate a product is necessarily more effective. What matters the degree of effectiveness of the ingredients used in these facial masks – as mentioned, we only use what is necessary and no more than what is needed to give you desired results and lovely, glowing skin.

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