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Article: Why Use Natural Face Masks?

Why Use Natural Face Masks?

Why use Natural Face Masks Dirt, dust, exposure to the sun, age, and various other factors tend to cause severe harm to the skin. If you neglect this damage, it might become irreversible with time, and your skin will lose its radiance and start looking dull and lifeless. That is why you need to use natural face masks that restore your glow and keep skin soft and supple, and come with a host of other benefits. Using them in powdered form is extremely convenient as you can customise it by adding rose water, chamomile infuse, honey and so on.

Benefits of Using Natural Face Masks 

These face masks contain ingredients such as clays like green, purple, pink, yellow, etc. and essential oils like sage, lavender, and tea tree that are natural and organic ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted side effects. They can be safely used without the fear of any underlying damage to skin. These are 100% cruelty-free too! Pores get clogged with excess sebum, bacteria and dirt and become enlarged, but the clays in these masks minimize the appearance of pores. Excess production of sebum leads to blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes, along with ugly breakouts. Natural clays help to balance sebum production, so these issues are drastically reduced. It becomes clearer and healthier. Exfoliation The exfoliating action helps to loosen dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and expose newer cells underneath. It also allows the pores to breathe. When your face mask contains essential oils and clays, you have certainly hit the jackpot as this is one of the best combinations to provide proper nourishment to skin. Clays contain minerals that nurture the skin from deep within, while essential oils make the skin softer and smother. Your natural radiance is restored quickly. Anti-Bacterial Clays has the ability to draw out toxins and bacteria from the surface of your skin and within the pores. It heals skin infections and is useful for those suffering from eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.


• As mentioned, you can tweak the face mask by adding more natural ingredients like honey, coconut milk, papaya juice, etc. depending upon your skin type.
• Every time you use the mask it is totally fresh – there are no preservatives in it. • It has a longer shelf life as compared to liquid and gel masks. • These powdered face masks come in portable containers, so you can carry them while travelling for business or going on a holiday – it can be neatly tucked into your luggage.
• They not only cleanse the skin, but also promote exfoliation, restore natural radiance, moisturise, soothe inflamed skin, prevent breakouts, and boost skin health by making it smoother and softer. A single product is sufficient for your beauty routine.


• If one has oily skin or sensitive skin, specific clays will garner better results or may slightly irritate your skin, so you have to be careful and choose the right mask with proper ingredients.
• Over-using these masks can leave your skin excessively dry To sum up natural face masks deep cleanse, hydrate, soothe, and brighten your skin tone, so they are an integral part of your skincare regimen. 

Why make face masks at home?

Compared to off-the-shelf products, homemade masks are created with household ingredients, so they are highly effective, yet totally safe sans side effects. We have a wide range of facial masks on our store that can be used to create various face masks at home, which are suitable for different types of skin.

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