Why use a Face Mask Brush for Application?

Face Mask Brush for ApplicationWhy use a Face Mask Brush for Application? A homemade, clay face mask works wonders for your skin and is very easy to prepare as well. It helps to purge pores, hydrate skin, impart brighter skin tone, slough off dead skin, and make skin softer and healthier than before. Face masks are one of the best ways to get the feel of a spa treatment at home. However, you can get even better results with a face mask brush.Why do you need a face mask brush? It seems convenient to dip your fingers into a jar, use them to take out some of the mask, and apply it on the face. The problem is even if your face is cleansed and prepped for a mask, have you washed your hands properly? And did you touch your bathroom cabinet handle to grab the face mask before putting it on your face? If yes, you might be transferring dirt and germs from your hands onto your face while putting on your mask, which hinders it from reaching its potential. That is why you need a face mask brush – it gives you excellent coverage without needing to touch the face. Which are the benefits of face mask brush? Reduces Wastage When you apply a mask with your hands, you are sending some of it down the drain while washing your hands. Applying masks with a face mask brush is more hygienic and drastically cuts down on product waste, as you can get every last bit of it onto your face. Moreover, it leaves your hands and fingernails, saving some extra cleanup. Even Application You might overcompensate with too much product to get uniform layers as it is difficult to control coverage using fingers. Applying a thin, even layer that thoroughly covers your face when using a brush is more feasible. Feels Amazing Using an applicator brush for putting on a face mask makes the experience special and luxurious. The soft bristles impart a soothing sensation on your skin – it is exactly like getting a beauty treatment in a spa or salon. You feel pampered and refreshed! Pink Face Mask Brush Made of silicone, this brush is durable and can withstand high temperatures. It is totally safe for all skin types (including sensitive skin) and doesn’t react with skincare ingredients. Applying thin and even layers of face masks is a cinch thanks to the soft bristles. Just dip the brush into the mask, and spread a layer over your face – takes only a few minutes for uniform coverage! SHOP NOWFace Mask Application Set If you want a salon-like experience, our application set is just perfect for you! It contains a face bowl made of top quality plastic, face stick for stirring the mask, soft face brush for gentle application, and 3 different gauges of spoons attached together with a chain. You can carry this kit along while traveling as well. Thus you can see how using a face mask brush is extremely beneficial. Go ahead and order now! SHOP NOW Bambook Face Mask Brush Eco friendly option - Vegan & Cruelty free - Made with sustainable bamboo , these brushes are the perfect tool for applying Bella Forever masks! SHOP NOW

Always use a face mask brush for application!

We insist on using a face mask brush for application in order to maintain hygiene, while ensuring the mask is put on the face and neck in a uniform manner. Our Mix and Play Set contains a complete set of items that you need to prepare (pouring and mixing) and apply the homemade facial mask properly.