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Article: Tips to Cleanse Your Skin after Christmas

Tips to Cleanse Your Skin after Christmas

Skincare TipsTips to Cleanse Your Skin after Christmas The week of Christmas takes a huge toll on the body and especially your skin with all the parties, gorging on Christmas goodies, etc. Rest assured you don’t need excessive dieting or rigorous beauty regimens to get back on track. Here are some ways to cleanse your skin right after the holiday week is over – take a look:

Don’t forget to hydrate

You must have heard this advice quite a few times – drink plenty of water. While toxins build up, essential nutrients go for a toss and alcohol dehydrates the body big time. Even though the skin is the largest organ in your body, it is always the last one to get any essential nutrients, oxygen or water so being pickled for hours, makes the skin look dull, lifeless, and blotchy. In between glasses of mulled wine and Prosecco, pepper in a few glasses of water.

Watch what you eat

Prevent damage to your skin at the upcoming parties by avoiding gluten, dairy, and snacks that you wouldn't normally eat. You need to motivate yourself, or else you have to work really hard to detox later on. During this time it is all the more important to keep tabs on your sugar intake – it is hard to say no to the delicious treats! Sugar may give you little energy boosts to get you through the midday hump but it won't help your skin. Sugar causes inflammation in the body which promotes glycation of your collagen fibres which leads to wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin. Be firm and don’t follow the “just one more” rule to avoid overindulgence.

Relax in an infrared sauna

This is perfect for those who wish to detox in the privacy of their homes. The infrared lights do a wonderful job of heating objects in the sauna, so the body starts sweating at lower temperatures. Infrared light goes in deeper; allowing the heat to flush out toxins nestled deep under the skin. It also exfoliates well.

Indulge in some yoga

If you are a newbie when it comes to yoga, sign up for some classes ASAP as it is the fastest way to ensure your energy system is back into balance. Yoga not only improves physical and mental fitness, but it can also boost digestion and get rid of bloating. A simple 20 to 30 minute routine in the morning ensures you look and feel good. Cleanse your skin and feel refreshed with these awesome remedies!

Give your skin some love and care!

A bit of love and care is required for your skin to get back to its former glory! Our facial masks will help to achieve this purpose. Apart from exercising and eating healthy, applying a natural face mask once or twice a week restores radiance and softness to your skin, just like it was before Christmas.

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