Get Brilliant Skin with Pink Clay Baby Belle Mask

Pink Clay Mask Baby Belle Get Brilliant Skin with Pink Clay Baby Belle Mask If your skin is delicate and sensitive, you need to be careful about the kind of beauty products you use as the ingredients need to be suitable for your skin type and not cause any damage or unwanted side effects. The Baby Belle Mask is specifically designed for those with fragile skin.

Benefits of Baby Belle Mask

It contains pink & white clay, and essentials oils like tea tree and lavender that impart natural radiance, while brightening dull and tired skin.

Pink Clay

It is nurtures the skin from deep within by giving it the nourishment required. It eliminates whiteheads and blackheads, along with excess oil and dirt that accumulates on the skin surface. Your pores get to breathe as the grime and dead skin cells on them are soothingly removed. It also helps to regenerate skin and keeps it free from stains, splotches, and scars. Not only that, but your skin feels much softer and suppler than before.

White Clay

Touted to be the gentlest of all clays, it works wonders for dry and sensitive skin. It removes dead skin cells and reduces the size of pores, so you get clear and glowing skin. It slowly draws out impurities from within the pores, without affecting the moisture content of the skin. 

Tea Tree Oil

It does a great job when it comes to soothing inflamed skin due to ugly breakouts. It gets rid of acne, while preventing breakouts in future. The strong antibacterial properties of this oil can also help to reduce the causes of swelling and irritation of the skin. It can dry out whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, blemishes and disinfect the skin pores. Tea tree oil is used to treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis too – it has a wonderful healing effect on itchiness, redness, rashes etc.

Lavender Oil

Lavender has calming, sedative properties and also has the ability to cleanse and remove toxins. The lavender essential oil penetrates through pores to kill bacteria and disinfect the skin. It can help to reduce redness, blotching and ruddiness of the skin, helping to restore your bright, natural skin tone. When used regularly you will notice rapid fading of age spots and other types of skin discolorations. Sun damage can be corrected to a certain extent as well. Get brilliant skin with this purifying pink clay Baby Belle mask – a few minutes is all you need to apply, let it dry, and then wash off!

Experience the power of clay and essential oils

The Baby Belle face mask is specifically formulated for those with sensitive skin, so it contains two types of clays and essential oils. It is extremely potent as it essentially doubles the power of clay and essential oils. It deals with blackheads, whiteheads, acne, inflammation, scars, and other problems, eradicating them gradually.