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Article: How to Relieve Rosacea Naturally

How to Relieve Rosacea Naturally

How to Relieve Rosacea Naturally You might come across write-ups that claim rosacea has to be treated via oral and topical antibiotics, but that is assuredly not true. It can be relieved via natural means as well.

What is rosacea?

It is a skin condition that manifests in the form of blemishes, redness, and swelling around the cheeks and nose. Though mainly a cosmetic concern, it can be a significant source of physical and emotional distress. The major cause is unknown, but it can be tackled using numerous natural remedies.

Natural treatments for rosacea

Change your diet

Introduce lots of leafy greens and orange or yellow fruits, healthy fats like coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil, avocado and nuts, and lean proteins such as eggs, grass-fed meats and wild fish, in your diet, along with garlic, turmeric, ginger, onions, broccoli, collard greens and green tea for reducing inflammation.

Consume Aloe water

Aloe vera water contains loads of antioxidants and vitamins that flush out toxins, so inflammation is dealt with, which lessens the chances of triggering rosacea. It can be bought at the store, or made at home.

Steer clear from potential irritants

Scrubbing is a strict no-no if you have rosacea, so physical exfoliation is prohibited. You can’t use products with benzyl peroxide retinol, glycolic acid, and potent anti-aging properties as they might cause more damage to inflamed and irritated skin.

Keep an eye out for certain ingredients

You should use products that strengthen the skin barrier, while providing a soothing effect. A majority of our face masks are formulated using essential oils like lavender, jojoba, tea tree, etc. The Red Sunset mask is particularly aimed for red, splotchy, and inflamed skin, while the Yellow Bird facial mask contains turmeric that is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Baby Belle is also good for sensitive skin! Browse through our store and you will come across several products that will help to alleviate rosacea.

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