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Article: 5 beauty and health benefits of Clay Face Mask – The natural way to make your skin look like never before

5 beauty and health benefits of Clay Face Mask – The natural way to make your skin look like never before

Clay Face Mask If you are prone to oily skin or acne, you are well aware of clay face masks. And if you’re not, worry not. We are going to list the five most sought-out benefits of clay face masks for all skin types. Not to mention – clay masks offer the all-natural, organic, and non-invasive way to detox, cleanse, heal, and nurture your skin. You do not need to stress over crazy side-effects or whatsoever. The only problem that remains would be – to find the right clay for a given problem and skin type. So dare not skip the “Pro-TIP!” Let’s start with the benefits now 

1. Purification and Detox

 Clay masks are hydrated complexes that remove impurities like – oils, dead skin cells, toxins, etc. A little 20-minute session a week keeps your skin free of pollution, acne, broken tissues, etc. Pro-TIP: Although, red clay is best for all skin types and easy to find. You should rather opt for purple if you struggle with dry or fragile skin. On the other hand, green is best for acne-prone people. 

2. Balancing and toning your skin complexion

clay masks are also full of minerals required for better skin health and healing. By removing the toxins from your skin pores, they also allow for the minerals to be absorbed. Hence, resulting in a better skin tone and balanced-out texture. Pro-TIP: Red clay masks are the most used and easily available in the market. You can never go wrong with this one. However, if you are the dry, combination, or sensitive skin type, you’ll better go with yellow clay. Or a combination of yellow and red.

3. Smoothens and evens-out of your skin

 By removing the clogging toxins, oils, etc. as well as healing the broken tissues, purple clay stands as the best smoothening agent for dry and fragile skin. It’s also low in minerals and leaves the obvious purple complexion. Pro-TIP: Purple clay is not easy to get your hands on. But you needn’t worry. We have it available right here. Also, there are some products with a mix of purple, white, and red clay for added benefits.

4. Hydration and Oxygenation

The hydrating minerals react with the hydrogen clogged within your pores and make room for the oxygen. And more oxygen = easier regeneration, healthier cells, glowing skin, more. Pro-TIP: If you struggle with combination or dry skin, yellow clay is the perfect ally. It causes almost no irritation and is best for many purposes – cleansing, oxygenation, collagen production, etc. 

5. Regeneration, Healing, and Revitalisation of Skin Tissue

 White clay contains a number of minerals, salts, and kaolin that help regenerate, repair, and heal broken skin tissues. Best for all skin types. Pro-TIP: Pink clay is only a combination of red and white. So you know what to do if you can’t find the white one. It’s also a better option if you have dry and fragile skin that needs cleansing – without causing any irritation.

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