Yellow Bird Clay Mask


Heal your skin from within. Our turmeric powder face mask removes the redness from pimples as well as the marks they leave behind. The ingredient is rich in numerous minerals, has coloration and medicinal properties, and reduces sebum production, inflammation, dark spots, scars, etc. Ideal for those with oily and combination skin.

Tip: use honey to activate the powder, it will stain your skin less 😚


Deep cleanse and detoxify your pores – Both Kaolin (white clay) and turmeric have the inherent quality to bond with impurities and draw them out of anything they come in contact with! It’s the best choice for oily skin types. You will feel refresh, clean, and no need to wash your face every once in a while.

Heal and strengthen your skin – Turmeric has a long-lasting list of minerals and medicinal properties. All that will help your skin to build new cells and get rid of the dead ones. No more acne, inflammation, pimples, dark spots, scars, or whatever.

Even out your skin tone – Turmeric is known for its coloration properties. The rich minerals nourish and help your skin cells, improve blood flow, and help your skin rebuild itself. Resulting in a clear and smoother skin tone.

Shine – Shine like never before. The product gives you a yellowish-orange glow as soon as you apply this face mask. Your beauty will radiate from inside out.
And if that is not enough – just look at the reviews from all the happy users.
Grab your Yellow Bird.

How to use 
  • Wash your face as you normally would. 
  • Put 1 tsp of dry mask in a small bowl and add a few drops of water.
  • Mix until you have a nice paste and apply evenly over face and neck.
  • Leave on until dry (about 10-15 minutes), then rinse with warm water. It will stain a bit. Make sure you do it before going to bed. The skin will be so bright in the morning!
  • Follow with your favourite astringent and moisturiser.

How often do I use your mask?
Our Face Mask is great for sensitive skin. This means you can use it up to 3 times per week!

How long does it last 50g of mask?

50g of clay mask is enough for 12 applications

I am pregnant, can I use it?
Yes, our products are safe for you to use! 

How long should I leave a mask on?
The general rule of thumb for a clay mask is to let it dry at least 3 minutes, but no longer than 20. It is pretty much up to you. We would suggest up to 15 mins.

3 Ingredients

Kaolin, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root, Tea Tree Oil. *Limonene, *Geraniol, *Linalool. *Naturally Occurring in Essential Oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Yellow Bird Clay Mask

This mask gives an excellent hydration, and does not harm my very sensitive skin at all.

Yellow Bird Clay Mask

This face mask smells really nice and leaves my skin soft, moisturised and refreshed.

Yellow Bird Clay Mask

The product applies well to the face I would recommend using a brush to put it onto your skin.

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