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White Label Bath Bombs

Bella Forever introduces white-labelling for our exquisite bath bombs, providing an opportunity to feature our high-quality products under your brand. Interested in this customisation service? Reach out to us today by calling to explore the possibilities for your unique branding experience.

What is the difference between Wholesale & White Label?

Wholesale and white label are different business models that involve the distribution of products, and they serve distinct purposes in the market.

  1. Wholesale:

    • Bulk Purchases: In a wholesale model, products are typically sold in large quantities to retailers, businesses, or individuals at a discounted price.
    • Existing Brand: The products are already manufactured and branded by the wholesaler, and buyers purchase them as-is.
    • No Brand Customization: Buyers do not have the option to customize the branding or packaging of the products.

  2. White Label:

    • Custom Branding: In a white label model, a manufacturer produces generic products, and another company can purchase and rebrand them as their own.
    • Customization Options: The purchasing company can often customize the product's branding, packaging, and sometimes even the formulation to align with its brand identity.
    • Retailer Becomes Brand Owner: The company purchasing the white label products becomes the brand owner and can sell the products under its name.

In summary, wholesale involves buying existing products in bulk at a discounted rate, while white label allows companies to rebrand generic products as their own, offering more customization and control over the final product.