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Do you love our products? Ready to earn some money and help us boost our brand, spreading love to family and friends? Start working with us. It's so simple to join our affiliate program.
Work with us
Register here filling the form
- I will then send you an email with a coupon code that you can share with family and friends. They will get 15% off their first order.
- You will get 20% commission on each order placed with your coupon code.
- Payments will be sent to the account you have added in the platform UPPROMOTE every Monday.
Please note:
- orders can't be placed by YOU.
- the 20% commission excludes the shipping fee (example: order is £28, minus shipping £2.99, your commission will be £5)
- remember to add your PayPal account or bank details in order for me to pay you without delays
If you want to use our products on social to get more orders in or you want to show them to your family and friends in person, we offer a "Welcome Pack" to our affiliates. It includes 3 full size products of your choice for the price of £25, including delivery (worth £45). Just send us an email once you complete the registration: