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Article: What is the Best Face Mask for Oily Skin?

What is the Best Face Mask for Oily Skin?

Bazooca Joe If you suffer from inflamed and irritated skin that breaks out into pimples, Bazooka Joe is just what you need. Not only does this mask absorb excess oil, but it heals and soothes wonderfully, while helping to purify skin. Those with oily and combination skin can use this mask as it causes acne and scars to gradually fade away. SHOP NOW Mint Cooler As is evident from the name, this face mask imparts a healing effect while drawing out impurities and absorbing extra oil. It contains both white and green clay that hydrates and nurtures skin. This mask thoroughly cleanses, while rendering skin extremely soft and supple. It is best suited for those with dry or normal skin.

Yellow Clay
Best face mask for oily skin

If you have extremely oily skin with frequent breakouts, inflammation, greasy appearance, etc. go for the Bazooka Joe or Yellow Bird Clay Masks. As mentioned, the Mint Cooler face mask is more suited for dry skin, so those with oily skin can steer clear. All face masks in our collection carry essential oils too so your skin doesn’t become overly dry. So what are you waiting for? Place your order for the best face mask for oily skin right away and say goodbye to skin problems! 

How can these face masks deal with problems caused by oily skin?

Bazooka Joe absorbs excess oil, while ensuring acne and scars are steadily eradicated, Yellow Bird soothes inflammation and deals with skin discoloration, and Mint Cooler draws out impurities while replenishing moisture content. Just make sure you know your skin type so you can pick out the correct face mask accordingly.

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