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Article: Pamper Box Ideas for Her

Pamper Box Ideas for Her

Pamper Box Ideas for HerLooking for Pamper Box Ideas for Her?

The best part about pamper boxes is you don’t need occasions to give them. Yes, they can be gifted on birthdays and holidays, but they can be given to anyone who needs a bit of “feel good factor” and “me time”. There are loads of pamper box gift ideas that will ensure your recipient gets a beautiful surprise indeed!

Make your clients happy

To stay ahead of competitors and ensure your customers remain happy, gift them a lovely pamper box with products from our Bella Forever store. You can take your pick from clay masks, lip scrubs, bath bombs, face mists, serums, and a plethora of beauty merchandise.

Each hamper can be personalised based on your client’s preference. So what to put in a pamper box?

As is evident from the name, all merchandise inside such boxes should be solely for pampering and relaxation. There isn’t a restriction on products that can be put in a pamper hamper, but you should definitely consider longevity.

Clay masks are a great idea as they don’t expire and it takes little time to prepare them. You can add water or rose water to create a paste and apply. Moreover, clay mask recipes are customisable and a variety of ingredients can be added to tweak it as per skin type. Don’t forget to add an application set that consists of a mixing bowl, spatula, etc.

If you want to get a bit creative, throw in a couple of bath bombs, some essential oils, a bit of bath dust, and a booty mask. It is what you call a “complete package”.

All you need to do is get in touch with us, let us know which products your require and in what quantities, and we will provide the products or create gorgeous beauty hampers for you at the most competitive prices!


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