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Article: Manuka Honey & Clay Mask Recipe

Manuka Honey & Clay Mask Recipe

Honey Face MaskEver tried a Manuka Honey & Clay Mask? This one is amazing, especially for those with sensitive or dry skin, acne or blemishes or uneven skin tone. Many are the benefits of Manuka Honey: - Anti-bacterial - Anti-inflammatory - Balance PH - Hydrating Manuka Honey could help keep your skin free of bacteria, decrease inflammation associated with acne & slough away dead skin cells. It helps relieve redness and other skin conditions such as eczema in a completely natural way. Try out this recipe!

Recipe for 1 Face Mask

You will need:

• 1 tsp of manuka honey
• 1 tsp of Bazooka Joe Mask
• 1 tsp of water or rose water

Equipment required:

• 1 glass, wooden or plastic bowl
• 1 plastic or wooden spoon
• 1 face mask brush


  • Mix the 1 tsp of Manuka Honey with 1 tsp of water or rose water. Stir until the honey completely dissolves in the liquid.
  • Add the Bazooka Joe Powder & Mix.
  • Apply the mask to your skin. Leave it on for up to 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and a face towel.
  • Apply the Desert Healer Serum.

Is the Manuka Honey & Clay mask effective?

While Manuka honey draws out bacteria, soothes inflammation, reduces acne, unclogs pores, and hydrates the skin, the Bazooka Joe face mask gives you healthy and glowing skin due to its powerful ingredients. Following up with the Desert Healer serum makes the Manuka Honey & Clay mask, extremely effective for your skin.

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