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Article: Few Ingredients You Definitely Don't Want in Your Skin Care

Few Ingredients You Definitely Don't Want in Your Skin Care

We never sell products that are tested on animals and we don’t include any of the following ingredients in our products:

Used in moisturisers and recommended for dry skin, but does not penetrate into the skin therefore only sits on the surface. Also harmful to the environment, it is not a renewable resource.

Mineral Oil
Can clog the pores and cause acne, does nothing to benefit the skin’s condition.

Butylated Compounds (BHA,BHT)
A preservative that can induce allergic reactions in the skin.

A common preservative that has been found in breast cancer tissue.

Commonly found in nail polish, can cause irritated, itchy, red skin.

A harsh chemical used to lighten skin, side effects include stinging, burning and dryness.

Contributes to helping other chemicals used in cosmetics to penetrate deeper into the skin. Can cause reproductive and hormonal disruptions.

Can cause disruption in hormones.Ethanolamine Compounds (DEA, TEA, MEA) Used as an emulsifier, or foaming agent, and can dry out the skin.

Ingredient We Avoid

What harm do toxic chemicals cause to skin?

Sometimes, these chemicals make results appear faster, so you feel the product is working. But the harm caused by such toxic chemicals is mostly underlying damage that isn’t noticeable immediately. By the time you realize what is happening, the damage is too severe with skin health being seriously compromised. So avoid toxic and harmful components at all times. Any Question?

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