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Are they safe to use?


During the first few months, all mothers bathe their children with a mild soap and hot water. As they grow up a bit, they enjoy bath times with all the splashing involved! But sooner or later, your once bath-loving kid will become astonishingly allergic to soap and hot water and refuse to bathe. This is when bath bombs for kids can come to your rescue, and make the experience fun for them once again.

They are lovely when they fizz and dissolve!

Have you ever thought what causes the “fizz” when the bath bombs are put in water? It is the reaction between baking soda and citric acid that is responsible for the fizzing action.

When the bomb comes into contact with water, the sodium bicarbonate reacts with citric acid to produce carbon dioxide gas. It is released gradually, as the bath bomb begins to break apart. Other pigments, essential oils, and skin-conditioning plant oils are released too.

They can be a replacement for bubble baths

You can make bath time more exciting by adding bubbles. Traditional bubble baths are often made using lathering agents, artificial fragrances, and other chemical ingredients, but that won’t work for kids.

Bubble baths, especially those made with harsh soaps and fragrances, often cause urinary tract infections in children. It is difficult to rinse off soapy residue, and remnants can irritate sensitive areas. But bath bombs made from natural ingredients can be safely used as a replacement for bubble bath solution. Kids will love them as they are colourful and fizzy!

Let them relax and unwind

If adults like to soak in a bathtub after a long, hectic day to feel more relaxed, children should experience it as well. Put the bath bombs in the water; let them fizz out and work their magic.

Put your kid’s toys in the tub too, so they can make a game out of it as well. Give them a spa-like experience, and they will fall asleep immediately afterwards, which might give you an opportunity to complete some chores or even catch up on some well-deserved sleep.


They are different from bath salts and bubble bath

Bath bombs are made using sodium bicarbonate, as mentioned above, which provides a naturally high alkaline substance that helps to remove toxins, dirt, dust, etc. The high natural sodium content and alkalinity give the bathwater a silky and luxurious feel. The plant oils and baking soda soothes and adds moisture to the skin.

On the other hand, bubble bath is made with soap for cleansing the surface of skin, by loosening dirt and oil. They create bubbles for a short time and dissolve while softening the water.

Bath salts are packed with minerals that help to remove toxins, depending on what bath salts are being used.

Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) relaxes tired muscles by relieving the lactic acid build-up caused from muscle exertion. That is why, they are usually recommended for adults suffering from back pain, arthritis, muscle tension or spasms, and minor work and sports injuries. It is best not to use bath salts for kids, as it might be a tad too harsh for their delicate skin.

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