Allergies to Linalool and Limonene

Are you allergic to linalool and limonene? It is very important to use the right products in your skincare routine. At times, there might be allergens like limonene and linalool in essential oils and fragrances, which could lead to rashes, redness, inflammation, and allergies.

Allergies to Limonene and Linalool

What is limonene?

Limonene is derived from the name lemon. Limonene is one of the most common terpenes in nature. They are thought to be produced by plants to deter predators and protect from pests. It is widely used in cosmetics and skincare formulations, along with natural insect repellents.

Why should you avoid limonene if you are sensitive to it?

Limonene itself has low toxicity, so it is used in food-grade products too. It is sometimes referred to as a volatile organic compound (also known as a VOC), but then again almost everything you smell is a VOC. Topically, limonene can lead to sensitivity, so it is best avoided. Due to its penetration-enhancing effects on skin, it is particularly important to avoid products containing limonene, plus other skin sensitisers like denatured alcohol. Even though it has strong antioxidant benefits that can calm skin, but when exposed to air, these highly volatile antioxidant compounds oxidize and become capable of sensitising skin.

What is linalool?

It is a naturally occurring monoterpene found in many flowers and herbs, with an intense aroma and several medicinal benefits. It is an integral component and essential oil in numerous food and personal care products. It functions as a fragrance element in cosmetics and skincare and is said to promote relaxation.

For some, it could be a highly sensitising ingredient that could disrupt or harm fragile and delicate skin. Even though it has soothing benefits, it is a well-known allergen that might cause rashes, burns, and other allergic reactions. 

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