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Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oilIntroduction
Rosehip oil is extracted from the hip of the wild rose bush (hence the name) in the Andean mountains. It has been used by Chileans for centuries and the use of hips of wild rose bushes for both aesthetic and health reasons dates back to the Neolithic period. The seeds undergo a lengthy process of being dried and cold-pressed (after extraction) to ensure all irritants are removed.


The popularity of rosehip oil has skyrocketed due to its anti-ageing, regenerative properties. It is a natural source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids, including beta-carotene and vitamin C. The active components even out skin tone, boost cell renewal, and reduce appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, sunburn and stretch marks. The high levels of vitamin E and omega-9 nurture parched skin, while the omega-6 helps to reduce inflammation. Rosehip oil has a warm and earthy fragrance. 

  • Rosehip oil can work as a great natural alternative for moisturizing as it contains nourishing fatty acids – it restores softness of your skin and keeps it hydrated as well.
  • With anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C, you can say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles – it moisturizes and repairs damaged skin and provides a strong protective antioxidant boost.
  • Helps your skin regain elasticity – it firms up sagging skin, so it becomes tighter, thus giving a youthful appearance.
  • It is well-known for its lighter-than-air touch, smooth application and instant absorbing properties, so you don’t have to deal with sticky residue.
  • The astringent qualities of the oil help tighten your pores and brighten your skin – restores natural radiance.
  • Your skin tone becomes even and flawless – no more blotches or patchy skin!
  • Rosehip oil works wonders when it comes to unsightly marks, hyperpigmentation, spots, or scars, as they gradually fade away.