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Desert Date Oil

Desert date oilIntroduction
The desert date tree grows in many different climates and soils, including harsh, dry environments and desert soils in Africa and Asia, so it has developed its own array of bio-chemicals which help it survive and thrive where most plants can’t. Its powerful system of roots enables it to dig deep down to reach water reserves in the ground and to withstand long periods of drought. The increasing demand for desert date oil in the world for skin care and beauty products helps the rural people who pick and transport it to the mill to be processed. The remains of the fruit, seed cake, after the seed is extracted to produce the oil are used as animal fodder. The oily paste obtained from the fruit of this tree was traditionally used to cleanse the skin and to reduce dark spots.

Desert date oil contains a high amount of essential fatty acids (72% omega-6 and omega-9) and unsaponifiables such as diosgenin and yamogenin. It also contains ingredients calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and thiamine. It is packed with Vitamin E as well. 


  • The oil is hypoallergenic and non-greasy so it doesn’t irritate skin or clog pores – even those with acne-prone skin can safely use it.
  • It is easily absorbed into the skin and won’t leave any stickiness behind.
  • It is very rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids – your skin gets the required nutrients and any damage caused due to free radicals is repaired.
  • Combats signs of aging – the oil helps to reduce wrinkles & fine lines, improves elasticity of skin and regenerates healthy skin. Very soon your natural glow and youthful appearance is restored.
  • It has excellent anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties which help in healing scars and alleviating acne.
  • For those who suffer from sunburns and rashes, desert date oil has a marvellous soothing effect.