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Stretch marks on your arms and thighs? Don’t want to deal with those marks after pregnancy? Our Mamma Mia Stretch Mark Oil makes them all go away!

Using it on a regular basis ensures that scars and stretch marks lighten and gradually fade away. The oil evens out patchy skin tone as well. Your skin is moisturised and becomes smooth and soft – the oils in the formula help to calm irritations and nourish skin from deep within.

For pregnant ladies, applying this oil for those 9 months can prevent the whitish marks from showing up at all!

Weight: 200ml 


Its unique blend of ingredients helps to:

  • improve skin elasticity & suppleness
  • protect against stretch marks
  • reduce appearance of stretch marks

    5 ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Vitamin E

    Sweet Almond Oil

    Packed with nutrients and vitamins, this oil moisturizes skin thoroughly. Its emollient properties keep moisture levels balanced, rejuvenate scar tissue, and even out texture of skin. Applying it on your baby bump will not only help moisturize as it grows, but also alleviate lasting marks left behind.

    Avocado Oil

    It soothes skin and boosts cell renewal. Fatty acids present in the oil help skin to retain its elasticity, which prevents premature ageing. Those with sensitive skin and conditions like psoriasis and eczema can safely use it.

    Vitamin E

    It is an amazing antioxidant, so your skin feels refreshed and supple. Any redness, itchiness, irritation, or inflammation is soothed. It minimizes scars, blemishes, dark spots, stretch marks, etc. by causing them to fade.

    Argan Oil

    It enhances elasticity of skin and prevents dryness by keeping it adequately hydrated. The best part is that argan oil has regeneration and repair qualities that help to reduce inflammation, while preventing and reducing stretch marks.

    Wheatgerm Oil

    It fights against damage caused due to free radicals and restores natural radiance to skin. Apart from that the oil repairs, heals and prevents scarring. It helps with cracked, scarred skin, giving it an even tone, while balancing moisture content.

    5 Ingredients

    Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil, Persea Gratissima Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Triticum Vulgare Germ Oil, Tocopherol

    How to use

    Massage evenly onto tummy, bum, breasts and thighs. Use twice a day (morning & night) and massage following circular movements.

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