Rose Quartz Face Roller


Face Roller with Rose Quartz

This rose quartz face roller is made from cooling rose quartz and features two ends that are designed to fit the larger and smaller facial contours.

  • It’ll soothe the skin
  • It’ll help with puffiness
  • It’ll banish dark circles

  • Rose quartz has been used for centuries to repair, de-stress and decongest complexions, thanks to its incredible healing properties.

    Regular massage sessions into your skincare routine will brighten, tighten, drain toxins and reduce puffiness. You'll notice the glow after few applications. Keep it in the fridge for a serious circulation boost!

    How to use: Place the rose quartz face roller in the fridge - the coolness will further aid in lymphatic drainage, calming inflamed delicate skin. Use it in conjunction with a balm or facial oil like the Desert Healer Serum or the Rosehip Oil. Use outward and upward strokes increasing pressure as desired. Use the smaller end for the eyes.

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