Mini Bath Bombs


12 Mini Bath Bombs made to order. Choose your colour and fragrance (only one colour and one essential oil x bundle) add a note at checkout. These are perfects for toddlers and kids or for you if you have a bath often and you can't afford the full size ones every time! 

Please allow 3-5 days for dispatch as these are custom made once you place an order!


The colour comes from the natural clay used, so purple would be purple clay, green would be green clay, yellow would be yellow clay, white would be white clay, pink would be red clay, black would be activated charcoal.


All bath bombs are perfume free. The smell comes from the essential oil used. Choose between lavender, lime, eucalyptus, mint, orange, bergamot or rose. The coffee one has no essential oils in it. 

Customer Reviews

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Gali Yorg
Happy bombs

A great mini treat.The favourite mini bath bomb for end of the day its a great motivator for my son. The smell is amazing and the fact that I can choose the colour and the sense makes me extra special! Also will be great for goodie bags for mini parties:)I love all your products and love watching you make them :) keep the good work! Thank you!!!

Loved the love potion bath bomb

This is so nice I love all the bath bombs as I can never find ones kind to my sensitive skin.
This one is lovely hopefully it will stay as I’ve gifted a few of my bath bombs and not everyone was keen on the bits in the bath but this is one doesn’t have any. I will definitely buy it again.

Renee Burgess
SO gorgeous ❤️

I bought this as an additional little Christmas present for my mother in law after purchasing some individual bath bombs for myself. This bundle is absolutely lovely I almost wanted to keep it for myself! The packaging is eco friendly and the little pink bow is so sweet. Great idea for a present for any occasion!

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