Hawaii Twist Clay Mask


Restore, purify, exfoliate, smoothen, and even out your skin tone. The perfect combination of yellow clay, lavender and tea tree oil. Hawaii Twist is the best hydrating face mask for all skin types. It both softens and provides your skin with nutrients to develop self-defense and encourage the formation of new skin cells.

Stop hurting your sensitive skin with off-the-self cleansing products and face masks. Yellow clay is softer than green clay. But still contains all the important nutrients and minerals required to replenish broken skin cells and scar. The reason why it makes the finest hydrating face mask for dry skin.


The free radicals in yellow clay react with and draws out the impurities from deep within your clogged pores. It remains soft on your skin. Makes sure no healthy tissues get hurt. And provides nourishment for the formation of new skin cells.

Improved skin tone – Used in numerous beauty products for its coloration properties. You will enjoy an even skin tone. And only a shade lighter or brighter.

Deep cleanse your skin – without hurting the healthy skin cells. It draws out all the impurities, dead skin cells, sebum, excess oil, etc. And the hydrating agents make sure your skin remains soft and smooth for extended period of times.

Lock-in the softness and smoothness – Yellow clay remains soft on your skin. And provides rich nutrients to restore the elasticity and softness of your skin. Reducing wrinkles and making you look much younger.

Treatment for fragile skin – Continuous application of yellow clay provides your skin with required nourishment and encourages the ultimate and quick formation of new skin cells. A cycle which has the potential to treat the fragile and broken skin for once and forever.

How to use
  • Wash your face as you normally would.
  • Put 1 tsp of dry mask in a small bowl and mix it with 1 tsp of water.
  • Mix until you have a nice paste and apply evenly over face and neck.
  • Leave on until dry (about 10-15 minutes), then rinse with warm water.
  • Follow with your favourite astringent and moisturiser.

How often do I use your mask?
Our Face Mask is great for sensitive skin. This means you can use it up to 3 times per week!

How long does it last 50g of mask?

50g of clay mask is enough for 12 applications

I am pregnant, can I use it?
Yes, our products are safe for you to use! 

How long should I leave a mask on?
The general rule of thumb for a clay mask is to let it dry at least 3 minutes, but no longer than 20. It is pretty much up to you. We would suggest up to 15 mins.

3 Ingredients

Illite, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, *Limonene, *Geraniol, *Linalool. *Naturally Occurring in Essential Oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Hawaii Twist Clay Mask

This mask was amazing for my skin. Smells lovely and quite thick...

Hawaii Twist Clay Mask

A very relaxed, mild clay leaves the skin feeling fresh and dewy and more importantly it didn't irritate the skin.

Hawaii Twist Clay Mask

Only been using this a few weeks and only twice a week at that, and I love how amazingly soft and hydrated my skin has become.

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