Rosehip Oil


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100% Organic Rosehip Oil

A wonderful multipurpose beauty skin oil, 100% pure & organic, imported from Chile: rosehip oil. Rich in numerous Vitamins and Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 fatty acids. It helps to calm redness, hydrate dry skin, brighten skin, treat scars and burns and regenerate damaged tissue. For all skin types.

30 ml / 1.1 oz

  • Natural, Vegan, Organic & Cruelty Free
  • Every ingredient supports your skin health
  • Travel Size
  • Reusable and recyclable clear glass bottle

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100% Pure & Organic Rosehip Oil

Ingredient: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil

  • Rich in vitamins A and E, to help promote youthful looking skin.
  • Effective moisturiser for all skin types.
  • Ideal for dehydrated mature skin as well as all skin types for daily protective skin care.

How to use: Warm two drops of oil between your palms and smooth onto face and neck. You can use it by itself or under moisturiser for an extra shot of hydration.


31 reviews for Rosehip Oil

  1. Rose

    I am so glad you have rosehip oil – such a good quality

  2. Tina

    Love this oil. I use before bed on neck and chest to prevent line creases from sleeping.

  3. Jolly

    I love this oil. It smells beautiful and given that I’ve got combination skin, it absorbs well and doesn’t make my face feel or look greasy.

  4. Manila

    I bought this for my stretch marks and it really worked

  5. Anita

    So many good things to say about this product. If you are wanting a rosehip oil, TRY THIS ONE!

  6. Kath

    Am so happy with this product my skin is glowing

  7. Raja

    I love this oil, you see results within the next morning.

  8. Emma G

    Absolutely gorgeous! So smooth and luxurious my skin loves this rosehip oil

  9. lucy

    Love this facial oil. Not greasy, absorbed easily and skin feels much better for it. Have bought before and will but again

  10. valery

    An excellent product.It leaves my skin smooth and hydrated, not irritating at all. I use it at night a couple of times a week to give my skin a boost. I must have after a sauna!

  11. veena

    I love it but yet to notice any prominent changes in my skin. Sometimes I mix it in my moisturizer too. I love that it’s all natural yet potent hope it suits me in the long run & I see good results.

  12. livia

    I have problems with acne, eczema, redness and dehydration and since I have started using the oil I wake up with skin without any redness and it really feels like my skin is more hydrated

  13. lorena

    I was really concerned about using oil because some kinds of oil i used before caused really bad breakouts on my skin… it’s about a month i’m using thi rosehip oil now….and i only can say one word …WOW!!!

  14. francesca

    This oil works amazingly!! Doesn’t cause breakouts, really soothe the skin and even skin tone!!! I wish i had known this oil earlier!!

  15. marika

    This oil soothes, replenishes and brightens my dry/sensitive skin. It makes my skin feel silky soft and is one of the best products I have used. It has a light fragrance and is easily absorbed. I love it!

  16. nancy

    It takes a while to get used to the smell but it really reduces redness.

  17. katherine

    Amazing! This has given my skin the glow that it’s been missing for so long! My skin if super sensitive and acne prone and this has really helped balance it out and keep it hydrated.

  18. martha

    it’s definitely worth it. I’ve been using it for nearly 3 months now and have noticed that my skin is much less red and reactive.

  19. roman

    It’s a great skin drink every other morning or so.Thank you Bella!!

  20. karolina

    I apply it in the morning. It’s very light and absorbs quickly. Leaves me skin soft and radiant.

  21. rena

    I have used rose hip in the past but haven’t really seen any benefits. I saw a review for this product where it said that was unrefined and decided to give it a try. The first time I used it my skin felt different, it felt velvety, soft and moisturised, but not greasy. I use it everyday over the face cream to seal my skin, it lasts all day.

  22. maria

    Be warned it smells very earthy!! But good on my sensitive, reactive skin, no flare ups or anything. skin feels smoother and more balanced.

  23. samatha

    i’ve been using this oil for almost a month now and can honestly say that my skin looks so much better! My acne did reduce drastically and my eczema is gone! My skin is really soft, radiant and is looking plumped and youthful.

  24. saffron

    Excellent product. Highly recommended. Not so keen on the smell though, however I would purchase this again.

  25. kaisa

    I apply this after my serum & moisturiser (allowing them to absorb first). I find that the oil boost hydration and makes my skin feeling soft and relaxes the fine lines. The price is so good for 30 ml bottle. Thank you

  26. penelope

    I am very happy with the rosehip oil that I purchased. I use it at night and am pleased with it’s moisturising effect and it is perfect for sensitive skin like mine. Also it’s reassuring that it has no chemicals.

  27. cassandra

    My skin always had redness from my acne, and after using this product every night and not touching my face with my hands often, my face had improved so much!

  28. lindsey

    Really like this oil. Smell is earthy and good orange colour as it should be. Moisturising but not too heavy and I use under my moisturiser most days. Absorbed well.

  29. chloe

    So far so good! Feels amazing on the skin and applies really nicely. The only gripe I have with it is the scent – I find it really off-putting and have to mix it with a scented moisturiser. Other than that the product itself is great!

  30. jennyfer

    I now use this instead of moisturiser as the final step in my night time routine. Perfectly hydrating and gives my acne-prone skin a lovely glow. Huge bottle for the price that will last ages, too. I will repurchase!

  31. elena

    Amazing product. lovely consistency ! leaves my face feeling smooth and hydrated !
    due to the properties of rosehip oil it helps to clear blemishes as it is anti inflammatory and helps to remove scarring.

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