Mint Kiss Lip Scrub


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Mint Kiss: Lip Scrub

This lip scrub exfoliates meticulously and prepares your lips for a smoother lipstick application – it should be an important part of your pre-makeup routine. Created with 5 natural, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients, it is the key to maintaining happy, healthy, and hydrated lips.

From the moment you open the lid, you get a whiff of invigorating minty flavour that stimulates senses and acts as a mood booster. Two kinds of peppermint oil have been used to ensure your lips not only feel refreshed, but impurities, flaky skin, and dead skin buildup are properly removed. So are you ready to flaunt your pout?

  • 20ml – glass jar
  • natural, vegan and cruelty free
  • made with 5 ingredients
  • free from parabens and all sort of nasties


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5 Ingredients: Sucrose, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil*, Mentha Viridis Leaf Oil*. Limonene* *Naturally occurring in essential oils.


Delicate sugar granules are used in the lip scrub recipe as these are gentle on the lips, yet do a great job of removing impurities and dead skin.

Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint) & Mentha Viridis Leaf Oil (Spearmint)

Be it spearmint oil or peppermint oil, both impart a pleasant and rejuvenating aroma. It is loaded with strong antioxidants that eradicate dead skin cells, while rendering lips soft and plump. The anti-inflammatory properties of this ingredient soothe any kind of irritation. Your lips feel relaxed and supple.  It also locks in moisture and helps to soften dry and itchy skin. These ingredients remove grime, dead skin, peeling & flaky skin, etc. and leave you with smoother, softer, and well-hydrated skin.

Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil)

Coconut oil is great for healing cracked and chapped lips. It moisturises overly dry skin and moisturizss thoroughly. Your lips feel nourished and soft.

Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba Oil)

It is a lightweight essential oil that penetrates deeply and replenishes moisture content. Moreover, it is swiftly absorbed into the skin, so there is no greasy feel. It has a wonderful, calming effect on the skin and restores natural glow. It reduces chances of flaking, peeling, and chaffing.

12 reviews for Mint Kiss Lip Scrub

  1. riana

    I didnt try this yet but it smellls so good and i dont even like mint.

  2. laurence

    Tried a few different scrubs in the past, but this one is honestly the best. The flavor is intense and has no residual nasty after-taste like most lip scrubs. It is noticably much chunkier and thus grinds down on your lips, leaving a much more intense exfoliated lip finish.

  3. amanda

    I have tried many scrubs in the past, and my lips always had a bump in a specific area that always was left feeling hard however this scrub completely obliterated said dry bump and made it baby-smooth.

  4. karen

    ever had a lip scrub taste, smell, exfoliate and smooth out my lips as amazingly as this one. Worth the price. Lasts a little while, assuming you don’t use too much of it. I use it daily and it has not scratched or damaged my lips in any way. I recommended it to all my friends

  5. nancy


  6. holly

    Love the flavour and the quality. It gets rid of any dryness and tastes amazing. It’s such a big pot as well so you get value for money

  7. charlotte

    Tastes amazing, makes my lips feel really soft. I ended up buying a second one!

  8. jamie

    I love the flavour/smell of this it totally brings back to my childhood

  9. kate

    Even though his products are up there in price theyre totally worth it.

  10. sara

    The best lip scrub i have ever had. Smells amazing and lips feel beautiful after use.

  11. black g.

    Great product would recommend especially if your lips peel!

  12. crystal

    Oh wow! I love BellaF. lip scrubs anyway and have been expanding my collection. This literally reminds me of my childhood. Smells amazing and works wonders for my lips in warm weather! You really do get a lot of product !!

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