Hawaii Twist

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Face Mask for All Skin Types

Restore, purify, exfoliate, smoothen, and even out your skin tone. The perfect combination of yellow and white clay. Hawaii Twist is the best hydrating face mask for all skin types. It both softens and provides your skin with nutrients to develop self-defense and encourage the formation of new skin cells.

Powder-based, 50 gr for 10/12 applications

100% natural, vegan friendly, contains certified organic essential oils

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Hydrating Face Mask, made with yellow clay, eo lavander & oe tea tree oil

Stop hurting your sensitive skin with off-the-self cleansing products and face masks. Yellow clay is softer than green clay. But still contains all the important nutrients and minerals required to replenish broken skin cells and scar. The reason why it makes the finest hydrating face mask for dry skin. The free radicals in yellow clay react with and draws out the impurities from deep within your clogged pores. It remains soft on your skin. Makes sure no healthy tissues get hurt. And provides nourishment for the formation of new skin cells. However, the benefits of muddy water face mask are beyond expectations –

Improved skin tone – Used in numerous beauty products for its coloration properties. You will enjoy an even skin tone. And only a shade lighter or brighter.

Deep cleanse your skin – without hurting the healthy skin cells. It draws out all the impurities, dead skin cells, sebum, excess oil, etc. And the hydrating agents make sure your skin remains soft and smooth for extended period of times.

Lock-in the softness and smoothness – Yellow clay remains soft on your skin. And provides rich nutrients to restore the elasticity and softness of your skin. Reducing wrinkles and making you look much younger.

Treatment for fragile skin – Continuous application of yellow clay provides your skin with required nourishment and encourages the ultimate and quick formation of new skin cells. A cycle which has the potential to treat the fragile and broken skin for once and forever.

Your fragile skin can turn into the light of the party.
Get your hawaii twist now.
And let’s shine.

Ingredients: Illite, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, *Limonene, *Geraniol, *Linalool. *Naturally Occurring in Essential Oils.

How to use ( 1 Face Mask )

  • Wash your face as you normally would. Shake the jar
  • Put 1 tsp of dry mask in a small bowl and mix it with 1 tsp of water.
  • Mix until you have a nice paste and apply evenly over face and neck.
  • Leave on until dry (about 10-15 minutes), then rinse with warm water.
  • Follow with your favourite astringent and moisturiser.

Most Asked Questions

A 50 gr jar of dry face mask will last approximately 10-12 applications; all our masks do not expire because they don’t contain liquid ingredients or any preservative.

Our powdered face masks contain dry ingredients that need to be activated by mixing them with water or any other liquid as suggested in our beauty recipes. As a result the powder can stay stable for longer and does not need preservatives, making it a safer alternative for the skin. Liquid masks are already activated and need to be used quickly after opening. The powder not only cleanses the skin but also nourishes and moisturises it. Powdered face masks can be used for every skin type. And don’t forget that mixing a powdered face mask with water, oil or honey gives you the satisfaction of preparing your own beauty recipe at home.

Our Face Mask is great for sensitive skin. This means you can use it up to 3 times per week!



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Plastic Pot, Biodegrable Pouch


10g, 50g

60 reviews for Hawaii Twist

  1. Abbey a

    Amazing face mask one of the best I have tried leaves my skin feeling amazing!

  2. alice

    this mask is so amazing, i love that

  3. Beth

    i bought this mask and i was sceptical at first but omg has it brought out the confidence in me, one word LOVE

  4. blanche

    i just love everything about it. the feel, the time frame to leave on, and it can be used for spit treatment too. it just beautiful

  5. isabelle

    This mask is wonderful for my back breakouts, and I can’t go without it

  6. becky

    This mask is great for clearing up skin and it smells like heaven!

  7. vi

    I love this mask, it’s one of my favorites

  8. wanda

    i’ve had it for around 3 months and I use it regularly and I have over half left. Definitely recommend

  9. wanda

    i’ve had it for around 2 months and I use it regularly and I have over half left. Definitely recommend

  10. willa

    Chose this as my first face mask from bellaforever because I’m very prone to acne and have oily skin and I’m obsessed with it! I can use it more and the smell is weirdly nice, Although it does take its time to work its magic

  11. orca

    Wonderful product! Goes on smoothly and feels so cool and great when it’s on.

  12. xena

    i love this product it smells so yummy and dose wonders to my skin. i use it about three times a week on whenever i have a brackout it gets rid of my spots and makes my face feel so soft.

  13. yolanda

    my fave product from Bella forever ever!

  14. zara

    mg this has got to be the best thing that Bella Forever has ever made!! i use it as soon as i get up and just before i go bed.

  15. zavia

    I have only been using this for about 2 weeks and i can already see how good my skin is!! LOVE IT!!

  16. kayle

    i dont like this..

  17. marta

    his is by far the best bellaforever product I have ever tried. I suffered with break outs around the chin area and on my forehead, and this mask has helped them stop!

  18. zoey

    i was originally worried about how this product would work for my very dry skin! But it is perfect, I would recommend this for anyone! With any skin type! Fantastic!

  19. lizzy

    It always leaves my skin perfectly smooth and smelling great!

  20. biggy

    it has the added benefit that it makes your skin feel nice and clean and soft which also cheers me up a bit!

  21. glitterguy

    This is an absolutely amazing product and I love how it can be applied to the shoulder area. I myself have suffered from bad outbreaks of acne on my back and the ingredients in this product cleared them right up for me.

  22. becky

    No more makeup! I can’t believe how well this mask works. I’m combo/oily and literally used to carry around powder foundation to control my shine. 3 weeks after using this and my makeup routine is just sunscreen, mascara and out the door!

  23. lauren

    I’m OBSESSED with the mask and complete freaked out when I heard they were making something new.

  24. brenda

    I use both of these twice a week and my pores have never looked better! I love the tingle of the mask too!

  25. yolanda

    In love with these products!! totally worth the money buying them. my pores have completely disappeared!!

  26. polly

    Love the packaging, love the texture, how it feels on my skin. It removes easily afterwards. Does an amazing job. My skin felt so great afterwards!

  27. vi

    My bestie tried this out with me and oh my god!! We are both hooked!! We used it before going out and our makeup lookd 1000 times better on our new smooth skin!

  28. tori

    LOVE how smooth my skin felt after!!! Defo adding it to my rotation

  29. fried

    My pores were MASSIVELY reduced…This is the thing that makes this product really incredible, the scarring on my face has diminished considerably. This is not something I thought was actually possible!

  30. tayron

    my skin is sooo sensitive so i wasn’t sure how I would go with this… but it worked SO well no irritation and my skin feels super smooth now. i liked that it didn’t tingle like the mask does

  31. Sara

    I reccomend this to everyone

  32. Gaia

    Thank you bella forever for all!!!

  33. Ferdy


  34. vanessa

    I liked the smell of the mask and my face did brighten when I washed it off. But the quantity is so little and its too expensive.

  35. breana

    This mask does work, but you need to be consistent with using. After using 3 days in row, as recommended initially, I noticed some of the brown spots and freckles to have faded. There’s a nice exfoliator effect when cleansing off of the skin.

  36. samantha

    This mask is amazing. First time purchaser. I have dry, sensitive, fair, acne prone skin. I used it per instructions – three days in a row – to start. It definitely pulls all the dirt out of your skin – I had red spots & bumps surface immediately following removal. I would compare the effect to a chemical peel almost. It’s been three full days since my last application.

  37. camilla

    it’s worked!

  38. kate

    The hyper pigmentation is gone and my skin tone is even and glowing. Plus I LOVE the smell of this treatment.

  39. francine

    I love all the face masks but this is my favorite.

  40. bernice

    I’m obsessed with the small, texture, and the results of this masked. I have snow white skin and whenever I have a breakout it takes weeks for the acne mark/scar to go away. After 1 use I noticed that my red blotchiness was at least half reduced. I have recommended this to several friends and will definitely repurchase!

  41. sarah

    I don’t typically like this sort of mask. I usually get the sheets with the serums or a creamy moisturize type mask. I’m so glad I tried this. It is truly amazing. I followed the directions and did three days in a row. My skin has never looked better.

  42. hannah

    Omg this is one of the best masks ive ever tried period! I dont write a lot of reviews but after using this for about a month now my skin is brighter and healthier looking!

  43. klay

    I’ve been dealing with acne scars for years and there’s always an improvement after each use! Smells amazing too!

  44. kathleen

    at first I was skeptical, but when I put it on my face and noticed the results, wow ..

  45. aisha

    very beautiful mask and the color reminds me of hawai !!

  46. henrietta

    very nice and simply mask, for me 100% best seller

  47. zoey

    Feels okay on the skin. I’m not super sensitive so it stings a little but not too bad, after a minute it just feels like basically any other mask I’ve tried. So it’s not different in any way in my opinion. Also I don’t think it does much to the skin? There wasn’t any huge difference in the way my skin looked afterwards.

  48. weisha

    One of the best masks I’ve ever used!
    After just one use, this mask has made a tremendous difference. My skin was softer, smoother, and far less broken-out for a full week after I used it. I have fairly sensitive skin, and while this mask tingled slightly at first application, it didn’t cause any reaction.