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Green Clay

Green clayGreen Clay Masks – Get Clean and Flawless Skin

What is green clay?

The green powder called French green clay has a myriad of benefits to offer when it comes to skincare and beauty. It is a type of clay that was once mined abundantly in a place in France called Montmorillon. Now the clay is extracted from other places in the world including China, North America and Europe.

French green clay has historically been used as a beauty treatment and is a common ingredient in many current-day commercial face masks. This mineral clay is in great demand due to its remarkable absorbent properties.

It is also known as illite, and made up of decomposed plant material that has gone through the cycles of nature and trace minerals such as calcium, aluminium, magnesium, silica, phosphorous, copper and zinc – the green colour is attributed to the composition of this clay.

How is French Green Clay used for?

French green clay is beneficial in removing impurities and tightening the pores, toning the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells and reducing inflammation in acne. It can also be used as a full-body treatment to soften dry, rough skin. The absorbent properties of French green clay work in beauty treatments by drawing out impurities and toxins from the skin, toning and firming while stimulating circulation. Aestheticians use it to tighten pores, exfoliate dead skin, and reveal a smoother, fresher complexion. It is known to clear problem skin and heal blemishes, usually in the form of a clay mask. If you have a dry or sensitive skin complexion, you should use a clay mask only once a week, as the clay will absorb moisture from the skin along with any impurities.

French Green Clay Mask Benefits

As mentioned, a green clay face mask works wonders for your skin, provided it is used regularly. Here are some of its advantages - take a look:

Clean Pores

All pure clays, including French green clay do a wonderful job when it comes to sucking out impurities from skin pores. Dirt, stale sebum, dead cells, bacteria, grime, and other gunk stick to pores and clog them, but using green clay can help to purify pores, allowing them to breathe once again. Apart from cleaning pores, it also helps to tighten skin which reduces large pores on your face. Try it out and diminish the appearance of your pores.

Detoxifies Skin

French green clay is super detoxifying. It has negatively charged ions in it which attract and neutralize positive charged ions that are in toxins, heavy metals and impurities. The clay gets activated when mixed with water or any other liquid like hydrosols. Your skin becomes fresher and healthier!


At times, harsh exfoliation can have an adverse effect and cause your skin to become overly dry. Green clay gently exfoliates the skin – its slightly rough texture is ideal for helping to slough off dead cells, without making skin feel excessively dry and irritated.

Firmer Skin

If you come across a green clay mask review, you will notice that it has an incredible skin tightening effect that helps tone skin, reduce large pores and firm sagging skin. You can mix it with aloe vera juice and apply it on your skin for an instant lift.

Soothing Effect

One of the best beauty benefits of French green clay is that it is gentle on skin. It also soothes and calms irritated red skin. If you are suffering from eczema, rashes, psoriasis, you can make a paste out of French green clay to provide relief.

Controls Oil Production

Those with an oily skin have a huge inconvenience to deal with, as excessive oil and sebum oozing out of pores isn’t what anyone wants! Try a green clay mask to soak up all the excess oils within the pores and within the skin’s surface, leaving you with fresh, clean and soft skin.

Thorough Nourishment

French green clay is a bio mineral with trace amounts of several minerals, which help to nourish skin cells, keep them healthy, and hydrate skin at the same time.

Clears Blemishes

If you have acne prone skin, it is bound to leave behind spots, and blemishes. Using a facial mask made of this natural clay can be utilized as a treatment so all unwanted marks gradually fade away, restoring your clear and flawless complexion.

Green Clay Mask Recipe

While face masks can be purchased ready-made it is best to mix it yourself from powdered clay as it gives you the chance to personalize the recipe as per skin type. For instance, when you get green clay powder for face mask, you can add aloe vera if your skin is sensitive, or 4 or 5 drops of jojoba oil if your skin is oily. Here are a couple of recipes for purifying skin and tightening pores – take a look:

Purifying Mask

● Mix 2 tsp of our French Green Clay in a small bowl with 1 tsp of water to form a smooth paste.

● Add 1/2 of honey to the mixture.

● Ensure your face is clean, and apply a thin layer of the paste, while avoiding the area around your eyes.

● Leave on for 10 minutes, wash off with cold water, and then moisturise.

Pore Tightening Mask

● Mix 1 tsp of French green clay, ½ tsp of rose water and 1 drop of rosemary oil.

● Stir till a spreadable paste forms.

● Apply in a thin layer over your face (avoid area around eyes).

● Leave on till it dries.

● Rinse with cold water and apply toner.

Another aspect to keep in mind while mixing green clay is to use non-metal spoons, bowls, and other utensils. This is because metal reacts with the clay and renders it useless. The negatively charged ions present in the clay will get neutralized by the positive ions in the metal so the face mask won’t have the desired effect. Thus you can see how green clay masks can give you glowing skin, free from blemishes and acne, while preventing impurities from marring its natural sheen.

Green Clay – Soothing detoxification + Perfect texture

Chockfull of minerals and cleansing reagents – green clay absorbs and detoxifies your skin from all types of impurities – both environmental and organic. The minerals promote healing and regeneration of new skin cells and collagen – as well as calm and soothe your skin. The perfect remedy if you struggle with eczema, rashes, acne, blackheads, etc.Pure green clay