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Article: Face Masks for Every Skin Type

Face Masks for Every Skin Type

There are face masks for every skin type available in the market, but you have to choose carefully, as the wrong face mask ends up doing more harm than good. If you are still unsure about skin type seek professional advice before buying face masks.

Face mask for every skin type – take a look:

Oily Skin Clay masks like Bazooka Joe work wonders for oily skin as it deeply cleanses pores and prevents over-drying as it contains tea tree oil that helps to balance it out by moisturizing skin adequately so it becomes soft and smooth. It also helps to tighten skin and reduces appearance of large pores on the face. Oily skin generally tends to be pimple-prone that causes inflammation and redness along with spots, scars, and blemishes, but applying this face mask has a healing effect so these marks fade soon.

Combination Skin This skin type is tricky as it usually means an oily T-zone but dry cheeks so you need face masks that target both areas. The Black Velvet face mask contains activated charcoal that is great for combination and oily skin plagued with acne. It removes dirt, dead skin cells and grime from pores so they can breathe again, while preventing excessive dryness due to essential oils like lavender and tea tree. Breakouts are also reduced. On the other hand, the Mint Cooler contains white and green clay that draws out impurities, hydrates and provides necessary nourishment to the skin. It cleanses the skin so it becomes suppler as you continue using. You can use either of these masks depending upon what skin problems need to be tackled.

Dry Skin The total opposite of dry and combination skin is dry and dehydrated skin, which is caused due to lack of sufficient moisture. Common “side effects” of this skin type is itchiness and irritability as the moisture barrier is compromised. The Red Sunset mask contains red clay that re-balances dry and flaky skin while soothing inflammation caused due to free radicals and cleansing gently. Tea tree oil replenishes the “natural oils” of the skin so elasticity and softness is restored. Apart from cleansing and hydrating, the mask removes impurities like dirt and dead skin cells as well (this isn’t an issue for those with oily skin), while regulating production of oil and sebum.

Sensitive Skin Breakouts, rashes and irritation are frequent issues when it comes to fragile skin. Face masks like Baby Belle are just what you need as it contains white and pink clay for improving skin texture, along with detoxifying and soothing oils like tea tree and lavender. The face mask gets rid of blackheads and whiteheads, along with oil and dirt that blocks pores. Once dead skin cells are removed from surface, pores can breathe and their size is visibly reduced too. It also helps to regenerate skin and keeps it free from stains, splotches, and scars. Moisture content of skin is left intact. We have face masks for every skin type, but buy them only after verifying if a particular product is suitable for your skin or not!

Face Masks for Every Skin Type

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